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Annual magazine about children's literature, published by the author's & illustrator's organisation FIBUL. I work as project manager, head editor, Art Director, as well as illustrate and write for the magazine.


International, EU-financed marine research project. Aims to help ensure that seafood production focuses on areas and species with potential for sustainable growth, given expected developments in climate. My role as Project Artist was to help increase interest in the project among stockholders and the public.

Porcelain Paintings

I take commissions for porcelain paintings.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 19.02.30.png

Runda Ränder

A free-to-read online graphic novel in Swedish.


Interviews with women who hold some connections to the esoteric or occult.  Themes include mediumnity, witch trials, astrology and modern witchcraft rituals, but also gatekeeping within witchcraft communities.

The conversations are brought to life by mixed media illustrations and creative use of paper.

Three printed books have been finalised, and the book can be ordered as commission and printed on demand.

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